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theClinic is an outstanding cosmetic medicine and surgery facility in the heart of Milan, where the doctors Alessia Buscarini and Andrea Spano, specialists of international renown, are able to offer you personalised guidance for all your beauty requirements.

theClinic offers fillers that guarantee a safe, perfectly natural result, as well as leading-edge equipment, including laser and ultrasound technology able to restore the natural beauty of your face and body.

Here at theClinic you will find natural botox – designed to restore a youthful expression – and the latest hyaluronic acid fillers, able to remove annoying, unattractive wrinkles and circles under the eyes, or to boost the volume of the cheekbones or other areas, in keeping with the patient’s facial features and proportions. The volume of the lips can be enhanced with fillers able to guarantee natural results, as well as exclusive techniques such as “Da Vinci lips“, following a careful study of all the facial characteristics.

Here for you special packages of not-invasive treatments. Download the list

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theClinic is also a benchmark facility for what is known as non-surgical rhinoplasty, an outpatient treatment that simply uses a specific filler to reshape the contours and the tip of the nose, without the need for actual surgery.

You can now finally wave goodbye to blemishes, enlarged pores and scars caused by acne, injury or surgery, or welcome more attractive, firm skin by renewing and rejuvenating it in just a few simple sessions using Smartxide2, an innovative micro-ablative fractional radio frequency laser technology.

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