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theClinic is a project founded upon the services offered by plastic surgeons of international renown for aesthetic purposes: every surgical intervention, as well as every “light” non-invasive treatment, is a unique work of art designed with the patient and customized for his or her needs.

The clinic is located on Via Felice Cavallotti 13, in the heart of Milan historic centre and can be easily reached by any means of transportation.

Specialized surgeons with decades of experience, cutting-edge machinery, innovative devices and products of the highest quality make theClinic a centre of class and distinction like few others in Milan. Calling upon the services of theClinic is like placing your desire to look better in a “bank vault” without ever worrying about twisting your own features and proportions to extremes.



Why theClinic


Last-generation fillers are totally biocompatible and guarantee results that are completely natural. Hyaluronic acid (Juvederm or Voluma) is one of the essential components of our connective tissues and Hydroxylapatite (Radiesse) facilitates collagen regeneration. The filler works directly on the depressed area by filling in facial wrinkles and renovating the structure of your skin, restoring an expression that is more relaxed.


Micro-fractional ablative skin resurfacing with third and latest generation CO2 laser (SMARTXIDE 2) combined with radio frequency makes it possible to rejuvenate skin and smooth or delete signs of the passage of time as well as skin blemishes like marks and fine wrinkles. This solution also improves the quality of your skin because it eliminates dead skin cells and boosts cell and collagen turnover.


Botox (Vistabex, produced by Allergan) relaxes facial muscles which, when tense in an excessive or irregular manner, cause wrinkles. Its process relaxes the skin on your forehead, in the eye area and cheekbones while smoothing crow’s feet and expression lines due to mimic muscle motion. The result is an expression that is rested, fresh and relaxed while maintaining a totally natural facial expression.


Ulthera’s micro-focused ultrasounds are effective not only on a skin level.
It works on a deeper level as well to stretch the layer of muscle fibre where the skin’s collapse originates. This skin-tightening solution is suited to the face, neck, buttocks and the rest of the body as it offers authentic non-surgical lifting and rejuvenation that looks natural and will withstand the test of time.


One of the most requested plastic surgery procedures is breast augmentation because women often want to add shape and form to their breasts – the emblem of femininity. Placing your trust in professionals capable of choosing the best techniques in accord with the demands of their patients is the ideal solution not only for breasts but for the abdomen, buttocks, legs and the entire body. What really matters is that proportions remain harmonious and that results are natural-looking and of the highest quality.


Sculpsure is the very latest in the field of non-surgical excessive fat removal. This innovative laser treatment melts fatty tissues in a matter of minutes and remodels the body in a non-invasive, precise and pain-free way. Extra fat is later physiologically eliminated from your organism. The lipolyptic action of this laser treatment is perfect for abdomen, hips, legs, arms, chin and anywhere else on your body. Excellent results are visible after a single treatment.


Our team is available to provide information and guide you in choosing the most suitable treatment. Contact us without any commitment.